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NOVEMBER 2017 Photo Contest - Submissions


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Welcome to the November 2017 Photo Contest

Congratulations to 07stanggt for winning last months contest    :party: 


Feel free to submit a photo of your personal vehicle relating to the months "theme"


The Theme: "Adams Reflections"

Post pictures of your best reflection shot using adams products. For this contest you can enter a vehicle that isn't yours, as long as you detailed it. 






The last day to enter your photo is Sunday, November 26.


The Rules:

1) Photos must be of YOUR car, truck, or motorcycle. You can not use somebody else's car.
2) Photos must be taken by YOURSELF. That means it can not have any visible watermarks. Using other peoples photos will get you disqualified and possibly banned from future contests. (Having "rights" to a picture, does not necessarily mean you took the picture)
3) Each picture must be related to the current "theme."
4) Only one picture is allowed. If multiple photos are submitted, a random photo will be selected for the vote poll. Please use the forums uploading tools to submit your picture.
HERE is a link to instructions to uploading pictures. If you have any further problems please ask any staff member for assistance or PM me and I will try and help you out.
5) The winner will choose a "Theme" for the following months contest.
6) You can not win two contests in a row. If you win one time, you can still submit a photo for the next contest, but it will not be included for the voting poll.
7) No solicitation of votes allowed! If it is known that someone is "persuading" others to vote for them in any type, the contestant will be disqualified.
8) Photoshop must be kept to a minimum. Extensive photoshop can result in disqualification. You can use photoshop to crop images and minor adjustments like blocking license plates, adjusting brightness, etc...
9) Participants can not vote for themselves.
10) No animated images or videos allowed.
11) Submissions after the noted date will not be accepted.
12) A public voting poll thread will be posted after submissions close, with all the contestants photos. Everyone will be allowed to submit one vote, and the on the last day of the month, the contestant with the highest votes will be the winner.
13) In the event of a tie, the vote poll may be extended a few more days until a winning vote is given to one of the winners.
14) Keep it civil and clean. Even though at the moment, this contest isnt carried out by staff, it must still abide by all Adamsforums.com rules. Any post that violates any forum rules can be deleted. If things get out of hand, Adamsforums and its staff have the right to end this contest.
Here are links to the rules in case you arent sure if your picture might be in violation;
Keeping It Clean and User Registration Agreement
15) Nobody in this forum takes any responsibility or liability for your pictures or posts. Please protect everyones privacy and be safe when taking pictures. Themes that are considered too dangerous or "unattainable" can be denied.
Remember, its just a game, meant to get people more involved in showing off their clean rides. HAVE FUN!!!!

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Reflection on the rear passenger door & part of the rear passenger quarter panel of a 2013 Blue Chevy Avalanche after heavy correcting compound...before any additional steps!  Owner (aka hubby) takes this truck through a brush car wash weekly as he has a membership for $40 where he can go through once a day if he wants....so you can imagine how bad the swirls were! 


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