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I wanted to take some time and plug some adams products that i've purchased and love.




Tire & Rubber Cleaner - man this stuff is awesome, I love how much it suds so you can really tell when you're pulling the dirt and brown crap out of it.  I've used a few all purpose cleaners and none of them can touch this stuff for tires.

Adams Tire Brush - Didn't realize how a quality brush that's properly sized can make the process go quicker and more efficient.  The grip on this thing when wet is amazing.  Only possible con was it lost around a dozen bristles when i first used it but it's not noticeable - probably just like a paint brush - the stragglers get left behind

Eco Wheel Cleaner - I don't have a vehicle with high performance brakes (just a tundra and mazda 6) and I haven't tried the regular wheel cleaner yet, but I have tried Griot's heavy duty wheel cleaner (which smells terrible but I hear that's a common theme with the purple inducing chemical).  For my wheels however the eco wheel cleaner suds a ton and cleaned the rims every bit as well as the griots with much better nasal results.  Rims shined great and there was no issue with brake dust removal, no need to do a second application.  Can't speak to how it works with high performance brakes but that's obviously not it's intention and for my cars I'll feel a lot safer using this!

Exception - Original wheel woolie:  While the quality of this was fine, the handle was extremely thin and slippery when wet so I really had a hard time controlling this.  The angle was great to get behind wheels but I found myself frustrated with this one.  Also this item disappeared on me somehow, no idea where it went so only got a few uses out of it.




Glass Sealant - This stuff amazingly goes a long way.  Unfortunately after 3 windshield treatments and still having about 3/4 of a bottle left the bottle disappeared (not a common theme, this was the only other thing that I lost).  I decided to try Griots glass sealant for around the same price but 4x more quantity and I have to use more than twice as much for a single application and the directions say to re-coat.  Performance of both is similar and I can't compare longevity as I can't do a side by side with the same conditions, but the Adams was waaaaay easier to apply.

Glass Cleaner - Smells good, cleans super easy, seems more lubricated than invisible glass (which gives good results but feels almost grabby with towels).  If price was not an issue i'd choose the adams over invisible glass.



Ultra Plush Drying Towel - This thing amazed me, dried an entire SUV with no sealant/wax on it no problem no streaking.  Previously used Griots pfm drying which to be honest is also amazing but feels bigger than this one and dry capacity seems the same.  I also did not use this as written in the product description so will give that a go next time and see what the difference may be

Green Glass towels - again comparing to the griots pfm glass towels.  Both clean very well, the griots are palm sized with almost a silk backing compared to just a flat backing on adams.  Adams feel like they're 3x the size of griots and while I like the idea of griots, if you're not cleaning an already clean glass or an un-sealed glass then I find my hand sliding off the silk and not controlling it very well.  With the Adams towel I get the same results, no lint, no streaking, and it goes much further and i can shape it however I want.

Single Soft - This thing is super soft and makes me want to try the double and triple soft towels.  I've barely used it because it's so nice but just picked up some choc. mint detail spray so gonna give it a go with that for further testing

Utility towels - pretty basic but well made



New Red Wash Mitt:  So this thing surprised the crap out of me.  I've never really thought about wash media before, have a mitt and sponge from pep boys that seemed fine.  Holy cow, this thing holds suds like no ones business.  Love the color and with the white fibers it's easy to tell when you've picked up dirt and when it's come off w/ the grit guard.  Love this thing and will probably get another in the future unless mystery buckets have a diff wash media to try.  Can't see something being that much better.

Waterless Wash:  This stuff smells like fruit candy.  Have only used it on one door panel so far but lubricity feels really nice.  I used this in conjunction with rinseless though so not sure how it would do with just a dry towel - will probably only ever do that if there's a bird bomb or something.  If anyone has any tricks w/ this let me know

Rinseless Wash:  Also just received this and used it once and can only compare this to the wolfgang uber rinseless.  Slickness wise they feel the same to me.  Wolfgang states to use it in slightly more water thus making it slightly more potent, but Adams smells better to me.  Uber smells fine, just like fake cherry.

Detail Spray:  While I haven't used it much yet I used some in the sample kit I ordered and I like the scent but my wife doesn't.  I did just receive the chocolate mint version which smells awesome, spot on guys!  Using it compared to speed shine from griots and wolfgang uber mixed to a detail spray setting, adams is definitely my favorite.  I can't speak for dust collection, but it takes a lot fewer wipes to be streak free and I don't really notice a shine difference between the 3 (I'm def not a shine connoisseur...yet).



Interior scrubb mitt: I really like this thing.  The only real negative i could give it is it picks up so much dirt if your interior is dirty that after the first square foot or so it's hard to tell if you're picking more up because the mitt is brown.  Obviously this is not a negative as it's working but be aware if your interior is filthy and you like to see the dirt being picked up you'll need to be more creative about how you use this to get more of the surface of the mitt dirty or get more than one.

Foaming interior cleaner: Using this in conjunction with the mitt will strip all grime off of the interior.  Previously I've only used griots interior cleaner which does work well but i have not used that spray cleaner with the mitt or this cleaner with a regular microfiber nor do I have Adams regular leather and interior spray so can't speak to the difference between those, but my intention with this product was to use it with the mitt and that combo seems will clean anything in the car with no problem.



Red Spray Nozzle:  This thing is really nice, pretty powerful stream and easy to control - definitely high quality.

Interior dressing applicator (red foam pads):  Only can compare these to the foam pads i got from pep boys.  These are twice as thick and feel softer and have been much nicer to use so far.


I have the black trim restorer kit i'm waiting for better weather to try out on my bumper and running boards but can't comment on it yet.  Will post more on the rest of the products i have but haven't tried yet as well as those i get in the 2 mystery buckets coming tomorrow.


I know this got a little long winded but the main point is that every product of Adam's I've tried has been awesome (except grip on first angled wheel woolie).  It gives me confidence that any product I continue to try will be awesome and with the company practices (110% guarantee, made in usa, high-quality fun to watch detailing videos, etc.) there's no need to look elsewhere.  Thank you guys for awesome products and the great service (the 1 time I had to contact you via livechat on website).  



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4 minutes ago, Chris@Adams said:

Thanks Ron for all the kind words and for buying our goods, we really appreciate it!!


Thanks Chris - As mentioned before I have tomorrow off so 3 day weekend will hopefully mean I finally get to start detailing my truck.  Although it's white I can see that it has swirls all over and it's a big tundra crewmax so it's gonna take a while.  I'll probably get my wife's car done first as I can knock that thing out in a single day and the paint is still in great shape on it but needs some sealant/wax.  Hopefully the honeydo's won't pile up too much and I can review more of the products that I haven't had a chance to yet.


Quick question on the black trim restorer (not trim ceramic).  Is there a cure time on that before it can get wet?  


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