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H20 Guard/Gloss or Orbital polish first? (swirl marks)



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4 hours ago, cdcruizer05 said:

Ok, thanks guys!


Does adams offer a paint sealant? 


Correct steps....


1) Polish

2)Paint Sealant

3)H2O/Gloss (every 3 to 4)



Yes Adam's offers a terrific paint sealant, it's called Liquid Paint Sealant.  Highly recommend applying a thin, even coating of LPS on top of freshly polished paint.  You can choose what you want for a topper, for a daily driver or a garage toy you want to save time on, H2O Guard and Gloss is outstanding.  Easy to apply, great gloss, great durability, can be used on all surfaces.  If it's a garage show queen, then I would recommend following with a Paste Wax for a little extra glow.  


Correct "Full" Process (This is IMO, but it is backed by research and professionals):

  1. Wash (Strip Wash preferably but if you're claying/polishing then any wash will work)
  2. Decon (Iron Remover or Wheel Cleaner work well.  This step CAN be skipped but I'd recommend doing it)
  3. Rinse off 
  4. Clay (Visco Clay and some sort of lubricant.  Rinseless Wash diluted, Waterless Wash, Detail Spray, and soap suds all work.)
  5. Rinse off or preferably Re-wash (Repeat step 1 only)
  6. Polish.  Depending on the condition, Correcting Polish/Orange pad may be all you need.  If you have scratches/bad damage, Heavy Correcting will be necessary with a Blue pad/MF pad.  Finishing Polish works best on new cars with little/no damage or following Correcting Polish.  Finishing has very very little cutting properties. 
  7. Isopropyl Alchohol wipe-down or Adam's Coating Prep or Eraser etc.  Something that will cut the polishing oils off.  Use only the best microfibers available for this step, your paint is perfect from the polishing phase (Hopefully) don't re-scratch it by using old stuff.  
  8. Apply Liquid Paint Sealant (By machine with Adam's Gray pad is faster and easier, but I've done it several times by hand with their applicators and it works just as well)
  9. Apply your choice of a topper (H2O Guard and Gloss or Glaze/Wax) 

Boost the LPS every couple washes or every couple weeks with a new coat of H2O Guard and Gloss.  H2O is very versatile.  You can apply it to a wet car after washing, you can apply it to a  dry car, you can apply it to a dry car and mist the panel with water before applying to replicate a "wet" application, and you can do it before buffing off rinseless wash if you do a "Garry Dean" type rinseless system. 


Hope this helps. 

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