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2018 ZL1 Detail Complete

LSX Maestro

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Spent about 10 hours on the ZL1.  Got it all detailed and she's ready for summer. 


  1. Wash
  2. Decon with Iron Remover (Had lots of purple spots, good thing I left this step in)
  3. Clay
  4. Rinse and dry
  5. Full polish with Adam's Finishing Polish + white pads 
  6. Coating Prep wipe-down
  7. Liquid Paint Sealant
  8. Brilliant Glaze
  9. Americana Paste Wax
  10. Glass Sealant (Actually did this before polishing and made cleaning the glass a breeze later)
  11. Wheel Sealant (Used a touchless silica sealant, worked great, left them glossy and slick and I didn't have to bang my knuckles up wiping and buffing)


The Carbon Fiber came out crystal clear.  The mosaic black trim polished out amazingly well too.  The paint was pretty much perfect but I did remove a few light sanding marks from the factory and a couple scuffs, Finishing/Correcting handled it all.  The gloss is great, really started noticing after the Brilliant Glaze.  Americana put it over the top. The whole process was extremely rewarding. 


Some pics: 



ZL1 quarter 16-10.jpg

IMG_1098 copy.jpg


IMG_2127 2.JPG

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11 hours ago, Rich said:

Now you can't drive it cause you'll get it dirty! :lolsmack: Looks great!

Ha.  She'll be at Cars and Coffee this Saturday.  Gotta get the break in miles in too.  The LSP's really make cleanup a breeze.  Hoping the wheels won't get too bad of a buildup or I'll be regularly breaking out the WC.  

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I drove it 40 miles or so yesterday and brought it back home, I sprayed it down to get the surface road dirt off and then gave it a Rinseless wash.  After drying with Detail Spray I was stunned how amazing the paint looks under the bright LED lighting in my garage.  It looks clear, wet, and "dark" even though it's white.  Finishing Polish did a great job of building the glossy base and leveling the paint down.  I've always been amazed how good my white cars come out after a Rinseless Wash + dry with Detail Spray.  Thumbs up for Adam's. 

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Thoroughly washed the ZL1 after a few days of driving.  Wheel Cleaner works amazing, going to pick up a gallon of that stuff.  Can't even begin to explain how much better the wheel cleaning process goes now that I use the Adam's brushes/sprays, much faster and more effective.  


Got a picture with it and my C7 Z06.  

ZL1 and Z06 slammed.jpg

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