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102,000 Mile 2001 Mercedes E320


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Repeat customer. I detailed this car in December of 2016 and had the chance to do it again this past weekend. The PA State Inspection Sticker on the windshield shows it's Exempt, meaning it wasn't driven more than 5,000 miles in the past 12 months. It's last State Inspection was November of 2017 and it's only had 1,300 miles on the clock since then. All that said, it's not been out much since I last touched it. It's not out much at all, it only has 102,000 miles on it; average of 6,000 miles/year. There was some body work recently done on it as I had found the bottoms of three of the doors rusting in 2016, with some rust migrating onto the driver's door skin at the bottom. All that's been corrected. When I first hit the car with the hose to rinse it off the water laid flat, there was no protection on the paint at all. I wonder if the Body Shop had stripped the paint.


I was able to pick it up Thursday afternoon I cleaned the engine and engine bay, wheels, inner fenders/wheel wells and tires before dark.


The car was overly dirty.

Friday AM:

Rinse with my pressure washer

Soak with a Foam Cannon and Ultra Shampoo

Two Bucket Wash with Car Shampoo

I needed to use a Wheel Brush and Trim & Lug Brush to clean in around the recesses of the body side moldings.

Iron Remover

Visco Clay

Re-wash with Car Shampoo

Mind blown here. The inside of the gas door, black with thick greasy dirt. It was as bad as I'd expect a diesel to be, not a gas powered car I'd recently done. Clean in there now.


Friday PM:

I polished using my Rupes 15LT Mark 2 and Rupes Mini.

Adam's 5.5" and 4" Orange Foam Pads were used with Paint Correcting Polish.

The paint was still in good shape and had been taken care of since I last detailed it. I polished the hood, roof, rear deck lid, front and rear bumpers, mirrors, and the top 2/3rds of the front fenders. I did go along the tops of the doors and rear quarter panels above the pin striping, and around the door handles with the Mini. I also ran a 4" Orange Foam Pad across the Headlights and front inner lights to brighten them up some. The rest of the car was left alone.

My Porter Cable 7424XP, equipped with the larger yellow backing plate, was affixed with a 6.5" Grey Foam Pad, and I laid down a nice thin even coat of Paint Sealant.

Tires were dressed with Tire Shine and the wheels received Ceramic Boost.

The windshield was sealed with Glass Sealant, followed up with Glass Boost.

VRT was applied to the front cowl, and to the black plastic pieces under the car in front of the front and rear wheels.

In & Out Spray went on the black areas of the grille and lower front bumper as well as in the recess of the hood up near the cowl.









The inside of the car was saved for Saturday.

7 hours on the inside! How the inside could have gotten this dirty in as few a miles that were put on it is beyond me. After the 7 hours the inside is about as close to as new as a 17 year old vehicle can be.


Total hours spent: 16.25 including pick up and delivery

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