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Swirl Killer 21mm



I looking to get the Adams 3 Step complete Polishing kit, which comes with the 21mm polisher.


it looks like it is everything I need to start to fix some of the light imperfections on the paint.  The hood has swirls all over it.  They are not noticeable until you look at it closely.  My eye sees them all day long.  I was wanting to get a Gray pad as well but it only comes in a 5.5 size, how do I get it to work with the 21mm and 6.5 backing plate?  Can I use 5.5 pads on the 21mm?


I was also wanting to get the Red pad as well to do BG with.  I like the way it looks on my windshield.  


Do I need to get the mini as well to do what I am looking to do??

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4 hours ago, BlackCadi14 said:

I just saw the 15mm has the same kit, would I be better getting the 15mm instead of the 21mm??


@shane@detailedreflections wrote an awesome article that should answer most, it not all, your questions about which polisher would be best for you. 



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