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After multiple people recommended Adam's for my truck and running low on supplies from my previous supplier, I decided it was time to give Adam's a try.  I had no idea it was going to result in 1 Truck, 1 SUV, 2 Cars and 1 Motorcycle getting the Adam's exterior treatment in one weekend.  All this lead to a happy wife, two happy daughters and one beautiful looking truck.  Unfortunately or Fortunately (I'm still undecided), after seeing the results on the exterior the wife gave the blessing to get the interior care supplies along with a few additional exterior items.  There is no doubt that once I complete the truck, I'll "Volunteer" to do a full Spa treatment on several of them.


Overall what impressed me the most was that every item that I received from Adam's worked exactly or better than advertised and the instructions were spot on.  The only mistake I made in washing was being a rather warm day and starting on the truck, I tried to cover too much of it with the foam gun at one time - it didn't take much to learn the right amount to cover.  I have used a lot of MicroFiber towels over the years, so I thought my others were as good as any other - they are not even close to the Adam's MicroFiber towel, so there will be a dozen on the next order.

Just Waxed.jpg

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I would prefer to foam the entire truck at once and that is what I did on my first attempt.  The problem was the 90+ degree temp and the foam started drying before I could get it all cleaned.  I am sure that if it had of been cloudy or cooler it probably wouldn't have been a problem and there was no issue with the cars since they were much smaller. 

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