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Hi Guys,


I signed up about a month ago, but could not check in until now. I'm new to the world of detailing. Found Adam's polishes from a YouTube video and now I'm hooked. I can't count how many detailing videos I've watched since then. I'm also now in debt because of the amount of products I bought. This is crazy! 


Looking forward to your tips, guides, and recommendations. 


Have a good one!

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5 hours ago, falcaineer said:

Welcome, Patrick! Guam’s quite the distance to support this addiction, so hats off to ya! Military?


Thanks Chris. Yep, the shipping cost is killing me. Not military. Just a civilian supporting the military = )


3 hours ago, ZMAN024 said:

Welcome to the addiction, Patrick.  :welcomebanner:.  You'll find most of the forum members have a full arsenal of Adam's products........... the addiction is real !!!


Oz, it's amazing how many products people have accumulated. Saw some of the pics of their garages and cabinets. It's crazy! 


44 minutes ago, TheWolf said:

Welcome Patrick!


Thanks Dan!

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Welcome Patrick!  You definitely are a in a beautiful place. Have had many friends who had tours there.  Still remember the stories about the coconut spiders and going out to the garage to find their car blocked in by a huge snake (python?)!  They also had a huge H3 group there, lots of wild fun with that!  Do you get a lot of sand/salt spray in your area?  That is where having H2O guard and gloss will be helpful to protect and as well make a nice hydrophobic surface.  

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