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Confessions of a shine-o-holic!!!



I hope no one thinks less of me for this admission.  please dont run me down, flame or persecute me.  toughest thing I ever did ( takes another Kleenex from box, catches falling tear from left eye).  I am a detailing shine-o-holic ( sobs loudly for a few minutes then gather myself).  I have been busted looking at wheels in my church parking lot by the other members wonder what was I doing.  at different parking lots security guards have watched me suspiciously wondering why I stopped on my way into store and looked at different cars maybe even taking a walk around them. one lady busted me kneeling done looking at her trim on the door and questioned me for 5 minutes because she said I was being evasive, I just couldn't bring myself to tell her I was a detailer and was wonder if I got a car that oxidized and what it would take to fix that trim. after I asked her is her trim naturally grey or originally black she rolled up her window and drove off with a frown on her face and put cell phone to here ear ( I got out of there just in case she was calling police).  I keep a bottle of detail spray and a towel close by even when working on garden.  couple times when my neighbor rolled up I shook hands looking at car and not them, said hold on and ran and got spray and proceeded to wipe off light dust without being asked.  I looked up and played off my addiction by asking if he wanted me to test out a new product on his car the frown left his face and he said yes and got a free car wash ( that is not the first time that has happened, crying a little more now need another Kleenex ).  please pray for me that I get over my issue.  I have found that shine -o- holism is a disease not unlike drugs or alcohol.  dont judge me to harshly!!!! it may happen to you!!!!



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Its ok, take a moment, catch your breath, you are in safe company. Your addiction is a natural occurrence that comes with the deep appreciation and love for the shine. You can manage this and live a full long, and productive life. Help bring others to the shine and you will be able to share your feelings with them, and then spend the time in the detail bay with them honing your skills. 

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