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As of Dec 17, 2019. Have to admit, I'm a little disappointed the wooden sign got covered. Thought that should be off limits. But still, the wall grows!! Keep 'em coming, and let me know if you sent one so I can look for it...but it might take a pic to me first so I know what I'm looking for. 👍🏼











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The sticker wall is alive and well! Promised above I'd take some pics, so here's the wall as of yesterday, 31 Aug 18.         Also found this hidden link. ht

Maybe it's the kid in me, but I love Adam's stickers. And a trip to a local restaurant gave me an idea to go with it. To that end, at the Grand Opening back in April, I proposed the idea to @Matt@Adam

As of today... As always, if you sent one in, let me know and I'll try to find it. But as you can tell, they're adding up so a unique one is a bit easier to look for.      

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3 hours ago, stalebreadjr said:

Thanks Chris!  And, I'm 100% with you about the wooden sign....


Thanks for the updated pics but I don't think mine was received before the 17th.  So I'll keep an eye out on your next update.  Did HQ get a good bit of christmas cards/stickers from the forum?


I saw some cards, but I don't know if it was more or less than usual, sorry. Hopefully they enjoyed all of them!

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30 minutes ago, stalebreadjr said:

Just curious.....is this wall still growing?  Or is this something that changed when renovations were done?  I'd be interested to see updated pics of it if it is still around.


Still there and growing, although they did remove a small section when renovations were done. I'm planning to go up tomorrow so I'll get some pics and post them here.

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30 minutes ago, stalebreadjr said:

Nice! Thanks @falcaineer ! I finally see me! Bottom left of the second pic! Woot woot!


Lucky shot! I took those randomly so glad I found yours. 🤟


17 minutes ago, Rich said:

Amazing to see how the wall has grown! 


Agreed, Rich! Pretty cool indeed.

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