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Foam cannon problem



Ok so Ive been gone awhile long time Adams user. Been out of the detailing game for awhile due to living situation but finally got a house so im trying to get back into it. I recently purchased a AR blue clean power washer 2000 psi electric and purchased some adams products including the Ultra Foam wash and foam cannon. Now the problem is my foam is extremely runny. I have to have solution knob all the way to the negative to get any foam. Now I did do some reading and figured out a 1.1 mm orifice is a solution for this situation. Ordered through amazon arrived yesterday installed today. Now I just got done attempting to wash my truck and its not a big truck its a quad cab ram 2013 so not some big lifted 2500 long bed etc and I can only get one pass before my entire bottle is gone. using approx 3 to 4 oz of product and it does not dwell for very long. Now after installing the orifice I am still having problems. Bottle is completly empty after 1 pass and I still have to turn the adjustment all the way to the negative and even after the orifice I am still getting runny foam......not as bad but still runny. I dont know what i am doing wrong here. I am to the point where I am about to return this foam cannon and just order the foam gun. I had one in the past and it was much more enjoyable. please help me guys.

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