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Future write ups & clinic



I’ve written things up a few times previously on the forums...and they’ve been generally well received so it’s something I don’t mind keeping up with as I’m able to. 


That being said, if there’s anything specific you want to see covered or asked...please do so. It’ll help inspire some of that writing. Maybe it’ll be a quick answer. Maybe it’ll be a write up with photos from an upcoming job. Who knows what it’ll turn into?


Topics can be detailing to busInes’s related. Maybe it’ll help foster good discussions. Our way of doing things isn’t the only way...


Anyway, I wanted to extend the offer. Maybe one day I can do a thread for a Q&A on all things interior with Marquis when he’s here working!  He won’t do the forum thing himself, but i can ask and get answers and type for him!  Just a thought. 


And as far as a clinic, we are still working on it!  Trying to workout some scheduling and funds to run the event the way it should be done since I sank a bunch into the new workspace!

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