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Shaving Cream Foam



I recently purchased the adams foam cannon and the snub nose power washer gun. 

Im trying to get that "Shaving Cream" foam that I see if videos where it really cakes on the car and doesn't run off right away. 

Ive messed with the settings on the cannon, Ive tried adding way more soap to the cannon and its still really watery. 

What am I doing wrong? Some help would be great. 


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gas pressure washer. 1700 PSI, but has seen better days. (New one is on the purchase list) 

Adams Ultra foam for the soap. 

Water is damn near closed off on the foam cannon itself. 

Just ordered the  1.1mm orifice. well see if that helps. 

Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate all the help. 

Will send an update. 

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5 hours ago, wildcatz80 said:

I had the same issue when I got my foam cannon. It wasn't like what it looked in adamspolishes video. I order this ordered 1.1mm orifice. Made a huge difference I have a electric pressurewasher.






You ridin' that Jeep on Adam's buckets and dollies?! :rockon: :lolsmack:

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What soap are you using?


I've heard the better your pressure washer the better the foam, in other words, a gas pressure washer will produce better foam than most electric pressure washers.

I've had good results using Adams Car Shampoo in a generic foam cannon from Amazon with a BlackMax electric pressure washer rated at 1700 PSI and 1.2 GPM. I believe I had to turn the top knob to the closed position (or almost closed), for the best results.



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