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Bugs while washing?!?!?!



Never fails... the bugs are attracted to the dang car while I’m washing.... even more annoying when they’re on the paint while I’m drying the darn thing!!!


Is it the great scent we all love with Adams???  


Has anyone come up with a solution to this annoying scenario??

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I was using another product (pre-Adams) that was supposed to make the car look like glass and it needed to air cure.  I was working on the hood and during the curing phase a swarm of gnats decided to land on the hood.  Of course the product was a bit sticky during the curing phase so what seemed like thousands (probably a hundred or so) were stuck.


The product was cured just enough that it couldn't be wiped off easily and I found out they smear nicely if you try to just use a towel.  I have also had a incident where a sudden gust of wind came up and blew dust into the product.  Finally, bird's are trained at an early age to use vehicles in the process of being cleaned, sealed or just completed as target practice.


All have resulted in utilizing colorful adjectives and my being educated enough to know that anything that can turn sticky or you don't want messed up needs to be done inside the garage.

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