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scuff marks on Vinyl stripes



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Thanks @8675309'SS...I missed this. 


A scuffed vinyl stripe is not a good scenario. The vinyl is damaged if it’s scuffed, and we can’t polish it like paint since it’s not paint. 


Heres some things you can try, but they come with no guarantee to work or not cause further damage. 


Revive Hand Polish is a go to start for us with vinyl. It doesn’t build heat like polishers do. It tends to work well to level out the vinyl. 


You could try a finishing polish at a slightly lower speed. You still want it fast enough to polish, but you’re actually trying not to build up heat. 


If the vinyl is damaged and you’re facing replacing it, you might as well attempt to play with it. The worst case is it’s damaged and gets replaced anyway. But along the way you learn some things. 


Unfortunately, options are limited with vinyl. 

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