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2007 Duramax Detail


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I’ve been trying to fit this into my schedule for a couple weeks, but got it done today. Gave a substantial discount as the guy is like a second father to me. 


So....2007 LBZ Duramax in rough shape. It hasn’t had a detail in close to 6 years and it’s always parked outside. Interior was full of dog hair and so rear windows with drool lol. Engine bay was filthy and of course I forgot to grab before and afters. So enjoy the final product.


Interior was vacuumed and the seats were cleaned with leather and upholstery cleaner with a horse hair brush. The seats were then conditioned with Adams Leather Conditioner. Interior glass was cleaned with Adams Glass Cleaner and the windshield had Brillant Glaze applied. 





The exterior was given a personal with Adams Car Shampoo from a foam cannon. The front end was soaked in Waterless Wash to loosen up the bugs. The truck was then clayed with Adams Big Blue clay bar that I still have. 



After the truck was clayed, I applied Adam’s all in one Polish with my 15mm Swirl Killer with a white pad.  The tires were scrubbed with Adams Rubber & Tire Cleaner and a blue tire brush. The wheels were cleaned with Wheel Cleaner and a red wheel brush. Engine bay was cleaned with All Purpose Cleaner and dressed with VRT.










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5 hours ago, Bscott94 said:

Dang, good work! That looks like new. How does that truck have no rust?! My brother has an 01 in Indiana. It was his work truck so rougher that most but it's beat up and rusty. 


I’m not sure of that myself lol. He did just have the tailgate replaced because it rusted out, but the rest of it is solid. I think he just sprays the salt off a lot during the winter lol

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