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Addicted to MF Towels

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That's a lot of MF towels... I am addicted to the borderless MF towels, but it might be all MF towels. These are only the ones that are brand new in packaging.  ?  Share your unopened collection of MF products.





Ultra plush:  3

Double soft :  7

Single soft:   5

Edgeless:  9 packs of 2

Blue borderless: 3

Orange borderless: 9

Grey borderless:  16

Waterless: 1 pack of 2

Wash mitt: 2

Glass cleaner: 3 packs of 2

Mircosilk: 1 pack of 2

Scrub mitt: 1

MF pad white 6.5": 1

MF pad blue 6.5": 2

MF pad orange 6.5": 1

MF pad white 4": 1 pack of 2

MF pad orange 4": 1 pack of 2

MF pad blue4": 1 pack of 2

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2 hours ago, falcaineer said:

:jawdrop: If those are the UNopened ones, how many opened do you have?!


1 hour ago, ObsessedDetailer said:

Im wondering the same thing!!!!


I wish my open ones are that impressive, but it's not.  I have dedicated towels for each of the 3 cars and wash them after each detail or wash using them.

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