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It Shines!


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Hi everyone,


Just a couple questions on the ceramic wax...

I've been using Meguire's, Griot's, and Adams' stuff for years. (plus tire foam and glass cleaners etc. from Walmart and Advance Auto) I'm almost all transitioned to Adams!  I love the buttery wax and the H2O Guard and gloss.  I recently tried the tire shine which I feel lasts longer than Armor All tire foam. 

I have a Flex and a Porter Cable 1424 buffer and use the Adams polishing stuff with them.  I did the ceramic liquid wax after stripping all wax, adding iron remover, clay bar-ing, and polishing.  I followed up with Ceramic boost, but had the older stuff that needed to be chiseled off...Adams customer service graciously replaced it with the newer ceramic boost free of charge! 

My question is, what do I do with my vehicle now?  Can I use buttery Wax to make it shine more, or after ceramic am I done for a few years?  Can i still use guard and gloss after washing?

I'll post a few more pics to show the great shine...like nothing else I have ever used.  In the 80's Rain Dance and Whesley's was the best, now I think the ceramic stuff blows all away.

Please comment on what to do next.  In addition, I have a car from the 60's with 60's paint.  It's beautiful as is, but should I also ceramic coat it?  Will it shine more?  Any thoughts?

shine 1.jpg

shine 2.jpg

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I really like it.  So far it outshines everything I've done in the past...3M pink and tan glaze, Whestley's mirror finish, Buttery Wax, Adam's and Griot's polish.  The ceramic was also very easy to put on and take off.

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