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Ceramic Coating a 2017 Ford Escape SE


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Day 1 - 10/6/18

  • Cleaned Wheels/Tires/Wheel Wells
  • Cleaned Engine
  • Washed Car (2 Buckets/2 Grit Guards) w/ Pressure Washer and Foam Cannon
  • Decontaminated Car w/ Iron Remover
  • Clayed Car
  • Dried Car/Wheels/Engine/Etc.


Day 1 -  Products

  • Car Shampoo
  • Iron Remover
  • Clay Mitt
  • Visco Clay Bar
  • Detail Spray
  • Deep Wheel Cleaner (Older Product)
  • Foam Cannon
  • Pressure Washer
  • Eco All Purpose Cleaner
  • Tire and Rubber Cleaner


Day 2 - 10/7/18

  • Polished Car with Flex 3401/Adams Swirl Killer Mini


Day 2 - Products

  • Detail Spray
  • Finishing Polish
  • White Polishing Pad


Day 3 - 10/8/18

  • Prepared Trim, Windshield, Trim for Coating with Coating Prep
  • Ceramic Coated Paint/Door Jams
  • Ceramic Coated Trim/Engine Plastics
  • Ceramic Coated Glass (All windows)
  • Clean/Condition/Vacuum Interior Interior


Day 3 - Products

  • Ceramic Trim Coating 4H version (First Version)
  • Ceramic Trim Coating 9H version
  • Coating Prep
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Leather and Interior Cleaner (50/50 Diluted in Distilled Water)
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
  • Eco All Purpose Cleaner
  • Weathertech Mat Cleaner
  • Weathertech Mat Conditioner


Day 4 - 10/9/18

  • Let Coatings Cure


Day 5 - 10/10/18

  • Wipe down paint with Ceramic Boost
  • Add VRT to Tires
  • Apply In Out Spray Engine areas not ceramic coated
  • Spray front plastic wheel wells with Invisible Undercarriage Spray
  • Wipe Down Glass


Day 5 Products

  • Ceramic Boost (v. 1)
  • VRT
  • Invisible Undercarriage Spray




The is was my first Ceramic Coating attempt. It wasn't too bad. The Adams Ceramic Paint Coating came off pretty easy. I allowed it to cure for 3-5 minutes on timer. I checked if the surface was "tacky" like Adam said in his video and removed the coating. The Trim Coating was easy to apply. The windshield coatings instructions weren't as detailed as Adams instructions are. I hope Adams get their own version of this product soon. 


It was a labor intensive effort. It isn't hard to do, it is just time consuming. I was fortunate my car didn't have many swirls. I only had to  use the Adams Finishing Polish. 


The car looks pretty good in my opinion. Let's hope the coating last a long time. I know it's only a Ford Escape but is is my daily driver and it should be easier to clean from this point on for a year or two. 





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1 minute ago, ObsessedDetailer said:

Wow! thats awesome Jason! good job! I drive an escape too. its a 13 so not as new but I really like the new body styles. I was debating ceramic coating but I was scared i was gonna mess it up. So i ceramic waxed instead. How hard was it on a scale of 1-10 to install?



The Ceramic Coating process wasn't that hard. I'd say a 2. You just have to work in sections and work your way around the vehicles in 3-5 minute increments or until it gets "tacky" to the touch.

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1 minute ago, 98BlackSierra said:

Looks like a tough color to get gloss out of, but I’d say you knocked it out of the park. Looks great!


Very nice write up too ??

Thank you. 


It is tough color to get gloss out of. 

It's almost impossible to find swirls too. I put it under LEDs, Halogen, Sun, Moon, etc. They're hard to find.

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