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Best way preserve paint and shine



Ok say you had a special on the higher end more than average car.You we’re trying to preserve its value and make it look it’s best and preserve the paint.Yes it’s a garage queen but will be driven some.How would you pro’s preserve the paint job.Again to help keep its value and make heads turn as it goes bye.Just wax or ceramic coating?I do like peaceful time in my life cleaning it.But hot Texas sun does exist A LOt .No salt water around but car did come from Florida.It feels pretty abused on paint by feel or bag test.Also leather just soaked up conditioner like a sponge.Any tips would be great.Here is a pick of her



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For a car like that I would put on Paint Sealant, top that with Brilliant Glaze, and lock that down with Americana or Patriot Wax.  As for the interior, 'hydrate' that leather weekly until it stops drying out.

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