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I just purchased a 2016 Camaro 2SS and it is triple black, rims, car, interior.  I hear black paint can be one of the most difficult to maintain.  So I did buy it used but it only had 9k miles on it and looks to have been garaged and well cared for.  From watching your videos there is no point in trying to make my paint amazing when winter is rolling up.  Also the paint is already in great shape.   So I am now looking at what I should do to prepare for the winter.  I am looking at the Adam's Can't Touch This Winter Kit, because it looks pretty complete. I think I would just need to add on a clean kit to be able to prep the car for the winter kit.  So I was looking at adding in the Adam's Wash & Protect Kit.    I assume these kits would be enough to prepare my car and my wife's 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee without running out of product.  Do you think I will need more of a specific product in the kits?   


I do have a question in regards to the second/third picture I uploaded.  So I would assume at some point my car got waxed and it got down in that seam.  The third picture is much closer up.  What can I do to remove that?  It really shows up at certain angles at car shows. 


So my goals right now are just to prep for winter, get something to spray it down with if I hit a show here and there, then prepare for a plan in the spring to bring the paint back out.    I may hit up your forum to help me make out my Christmas list also.


WOW that third picture up close like that makes me want to cringe.. I will have to really work on this car, but that is ok.. I plan to learn and your videos are GREAT !!








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Welcome Vince! That is a beautiful car! A good product to clean your car before a show would be waterless wash or detail spray. the waterless wash is a game changer. with the waffle weave towel your car will look like you just did a full wash in a matter of minutes. As far as that thing in the picture, what are you trying to remove? I think it's clear bra installed to prevent rock and debris from flying up and destroying the underside of the paint. Is that what you're trying to remove?

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Welcome, Vince! Beautiful car ?. And yes, black cars are a lifestyle. But nothing is better when clean and shiny.


For winter prep and washes, check out these videos and the products outlined within. Those are good kits you have your eyes on, and I think you'd be happy with them. Ask any questions you have!









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It is the edge of the paint colored film installed at factory. OP you can try spraying some APC or Isopropyl alcohol diluted 50/50 along the wax build up.  Let it dwell for a bit and soften the wax and then gently wipe with a microfiber.  Wipe along and away from the edge, not against it. 

Be sure to re apply wax or sealant in the area that you may have inadvertently removed it from, but stay clear of the edge of the film. Sometimes I put down detailiers tape to avoide the edges when waxing.

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The white you're seeing along the tape line is most likely wax. I used to have the same obvious problem on my black Vette.  Only way I got it off was to use an alcohol wipe or alcohol on a q tip, and then avoid getting wax anywhere near it after that. Lighter colored vehicles you don't notice it as much, but it shows like crazy on black.  Beautiful car.

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