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Getting my first batch of products tomorrow!!!



So I am pretty stoked.  I am getting my first order tomorrow.  I ordered the Adams Visco Clay and Detail Spray combo and the Adams winter prep must have kit.   I just bought my 2016 Camaro 2SS with Mosaic Black Paint.  The car is in great shape as it only had 8500 miles on it when I bought it and looked garage kept.   I noticed the car was not extremely smooth, so I figured the clay will remove all the previous containments and give me a fresh start.  Then the question is what is next?  I thought I would just seal it for the winter.  The car does have some light scratches and swirl marks but is sealing it still ok and I can work on those in the spring?  Is there a mid step I should consider?   I ask this mid step because in the video it says you have your car already in good shape to seal it.  


Thanks in advance for any information and I may end up asking a few more as I make out my Christmas list,




P.S . I love the rolling seat, but have you thought of a rolling cart?  Like something you would see a hotel service use, but tailored for your products.  

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Exciting!!! Be sure to post some pics when you open it in the Unboxing the Shine forum.


No real middle step. Clay, clay residue removal, and PS should be just fine for now, though, and then do your correction in the spring. The video says to have it in good shape because you'll "lock in" the swirls until you correct it, but no harm will come to your car by not having it corrected.


I'll link a prep video here, just in case.




And here's a link to their detail cart.



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