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Hands Down BEST Money I’ve Ever Spent on Detailing!!



A beater car!  Yup. I got a little, pretty clean, ‘02 Lexus IS300 that needed some tuning up and some TLC.  And after about six months of ownership and rolling into winter now, it dawned on me. Hands down the best detailing item I’ve ever purchased.  I have noticed the detailing and the “contact” time on my main vehicles surfaces has been significantly reduced.  Initial estimates (as an example) are The beater car will probably reduce polishing to once every few years instead of once a season. Now yes, I do agree half the joy is working on your pride and joy, but I have found a greatness to the balance in the force. The sheer joy of not having to maintain them from the perils of DD service has been life altering, LOL. Having a car you don’t  care if it gets dusty, or road grime, or all those other DD items has been quite liberating to say the least. My goal was not to turn the nice vehicles into garage queens by any means, but just getting away from the effects of the one simple act of sitting in a work parking lot has been utterly amazing.  My office bldg is in an industrial area right beside a major railway yard/intersection.  


Anwyay...if you can swing it, I highly recommend it.  Has changed my life!  Hahahhahaha.  

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 Due to the nature of my work I've averaged between 70-80,000 miles per year for the last 23 years. I learned long ago the huge value in a dependable old DD. I get more excited finding a low mileage older gem like a crown Vic that some grandmother is letting go of than I do when I buy a new car 😃


 This winter I'll drive a 2003 Expedition while my 18 Silverado sits nice and clean in the garage out of the salt. DAMN salt!

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