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Black Friday Sale!


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got me a few items, glad to see the site was not slow or crashing this year! 


EDIT: Guess maybe I spoke too soon after reading some of the other threads....maybe I was the lucky one who snuck thru it all? 

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6 minutes ago, 67's said:

I paid for shipping and haven't seen my order, shows Monday.  Did anyone see any "doorbusters" in the ad, said there was supposed to be some, but I couldn't find them.


The doorbusters were the products with this background on the website:



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5 hours ago, 2Fords said:

Where did those 32oz Detail spray and Waterless wash bottles come from?


Those are the Premium Dilution Bottles, in which I replaced the original labels with the labels from the 32oz versions that used to be available.




They used to have many products available in 32oz bottles, which were the same as this one:



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My bottles of the Black Friday interior detailer, quick detailer and ultra foam shampoo arrived earlier today.  The packaging is very nice on these.  The smell of the cinnamon and candy cane are nice but I can hardly smell the ginger bread in the ultra foam shampoo.  It just smells ‘soapy’ but maybe once thinned out in some water the gingerbread will come through more, not sure.  I must say the pumpkin spice items I got a short time ago had a way more intense smell to them. 


Regardless, I’ve been hooked on optimums instant detailer and gloss enhancer for years but since I’ve tried Adams quick detailer, I think I’ve found a new favorite.  I didn’t think the gloss could be better than optimums but man, Adams really shines amazing and adds such depth to the black paint on my vehicle.

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On 11/25/2018 at 6:10 PM, Velvethelmet said:

Red Drip Logo Bucket MB


Four Bottle BFLE sets for $40

Definitely thought that they would do a 4 bottle bundle. maybe they will later on but i also thought they would do mystery buckets. thats what I was going to buy. with they would have made a gallon of the tire shine and ultra foam.. i would have bought like 4 of each!!

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I grabbed the socks, Cinnamon Scented DS and a vanilla air freshener for myself. Love the smell of the detail spray and the socks fit and feel amazing! I also picked up a Sidekick Blaster for a detailing friend for Christmas. He desperately needed a way to get water out of the small crevices and gaps in vehicles he details, and this was a no-brainer solution. I hope the rest of the Black Friday label lineup stays in stock a little longer until I can order the rest!

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