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Whats the best Adams polish to clean Xpel Film





I just wrapped my Jeep Grand Cherokee front bumper and hood with Xpel Paint protection film.... 


I was wondering what Adams polishes are good to use on the film without damaging it and shortening the lifespan... I just ordered the new Wash and wax and H20 gloss. I am wondering if the polishes have bad chemicals in it to hurt the film or cause yellowing faster. Im pretty sure the detail shop who installed it said the Adams polishes detail spray will be fine to use. 



Thank you for your time, 



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Are you looking for a polish?  Or a maintenance spray?  For polish, start with revive. Xpel is a self healing film, so shouldn’t need polishing. If you use a more aggressive polish or polisher, you risk marring since the films are soft. 


For a topper, treat it like paint. Detail spray, boost, etc. 

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I have Xpel on the front of my car and thus far, I have treated it like it was paint. Minus doing paint correction.  I have applied paint sealant and I have waxed it. So far it looks great with no side effects

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