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Patriot wax , Americana or ceramic paste wax ?

Es Ef Ed


Hi / happy thanksgiving Adams polishes family ! 


Simce adans is having a 20% off right now I was thinking of maybe purchasing one of these products but don’t know exactly which would be best overall .  I’d be using on 2 cars .....


-one car is a dark metallic burgundy which almost looks black . It’s parked outside and is a daily driver . 

-second , is a silver car which is always garaged and just driven occasionally and the paint is still as smooth as glass. I got detailed 4 years ago and haven’t applied anything to it other than washing it and detail spray . 


I currently have aome

basic stuff ..butter wax , detail spray , ceramic boost . 


Which would you guys / gals recommend ? 

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It depends on your budget, if you want the best just get the ceramic wax and be done with it. If you want to save some money and maybe do it a touch more often get the americana and go from there. If you really want to have fun get all three lol. 


In all honesty I would just get the ceramic paste wax and be done with it. 

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I have used all three waxes and I personally love the ceramic wax. I have a brand new GMC Sierra pickup with metallic blue paint and it is coated with ceramic wax, not ceramic coated and looks like a million bucks. Pair that with Cermaic Boost and you will have a couple of extremely shiny, protected rides! 

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