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2006 Dodge Ram 1500 - "Quick" Detail


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On Saturday I detailed a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. 


He loaned his daily beater out and had to use this for work. He works on pretty dirty job sites so it was filthy. Dirt caked on in every orifice and significant road tar in the front right wheel well. 


It was a full interior/exterior job but I didn't get after pictures of the interior because I ran out of sunlight by the time I was done (I worked with LED's to finish the job up). 


This took me 9 hours start to finish. The exterior was done with an all in one polish to restore shine and gloss and then that was topped with a spray sealant for some extra longevity and added depth. The wheels were cleaned with an iron activated cleaner, tires done with TRC and tires dressed with a water based dressing. Exhaust tips polished with metal polish #1 to get some gloss back and the door jambs protected with a spray wax. Here are a few pictures of the exterior. 












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3 hours ago, chas said:

Looks excellent, nice job!



He said he has the truck "detailed" once a year but I'm unsure of who has done it in the past. The truck isn't used all that much but there were many stains on the seats and carpet which leads me to believe the prior "detailer" did a simple vacuum/wipedown and called it good. I scrubbed every single fabric surface inside and took 85% of the stains out. 

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Ian, it looks terrific.  Question?  I also have a Ram 1500 with full black plastic wheel well liners.. how do you attack those?  I use a long handle brush while I am hitting the tires/rims with Adams brushes and a turbo stick for the rims themselves.  I use WC on the rims including barrels and calipers but regular shampoo for the rest.  The backs are easy — mostly smooth with just a couple of dimples where the fasteners are.  The fronts are another story; really irregular surfaces to maintain some rigidity.  No matter how I work the liners with the long handled brush, after I dry there is still residue in some of those front wheel well crevices.  I end up going back over them with an old towel and diluted APC.  Suggestions?  Thanks...

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I use Adams fender brush paired with a concentrated non-Adam's APC diluted 5:1 which is pretty strong to be honest. 


I usually hose it down first, let it dry most of the way and then spray/soak with the APC. I will go in with the fender brush after that and agitate. Once I rinse everything down I don't see issues with residue in the wheel wells. Once I was done I dressed it with an aerosol trim dressing similar to Adam's in and out spray. 

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