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I am curious about applying tire shine or VRT after coating my clean tires with the new Tire Armor. I understand about how clean the tires need to be in order for the armor to stick properly. I am also aware of how long the application last. Also what should I use to clean my tires after the tire armor has been applied? Thanks in advance.

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After applying a tire clearcoat like tire armor, there is no need to apply a different type of product such as VRT or Tire Shine to the tires.  It basically negates using the Tire Armor and prevents you from properly touching it up with subsequent applications of Tire Armor for 're-freshening'.  


I've never found the need for a harsh or strong tire cleaner after using a tire clearcoat like Tire Armor.  I just have a spray bottle with water and car wash solution in it, and use that to spray on the tires and agitate with a brush while also cleaning my rims.  Once a month or maybe every 6 weeks, depending on how the clearcoat still shines, I'll apply a new coat of product to get things back to the level of shine I like.  Just make sure the tires are plenty dry after washing the tires/vehicle before applying the product.

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