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Using Winter Seal Kit on Deep Scratch?



My wife's 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a pretty significant scratch in the passenger side right quarter panel.  I thought someone keyed the car at first, but the scratch starts in the rubber part that is right above the wheel well.  So I am guessing hat someone did a number with a shopping cart.  So all in all we plan to get it taken care of because we just bought it.  Short of that scratch the paint is perfect.  So my question is will any of your products cause an issue with that scratch?   I was hoping to get her car winter ready this weekend,  iron remover, detail spray w/ clay, then paint sealant since it sits outside.   Will any of these be an issue with that scratch, or should I avoid the scratch when applying? 


I am assuming I will have no issue, however I figured I would ask.  I have assumed many things in my life to find out that assumption is the muther of all .... ups..

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