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New guy check in!


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Howdy Adams Universe! 


I am not at all new to cleaning cars or working on them, but the last few months I have taken a huge liking to detailing cars (which we all know is many steps bosons cleaning). I’ve been around guys using the other guys products all my life, but I’m excited to try out ADAMS for the first time once my Black Friday and cyber Monday items finally arrive! I promise to post much better pics of my truck, his is all I have at the moment!


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I started out with a RW starter kit, limited bucket, eco wheel cleaner, liquid paint sealant kit, red TOMB, detail spray and a decent assortment of towels! I’m currently an apartment dweller, so I’m trying to put together a great hoseless wash setup so I can do 70% of my detailing in the back parking lot of the complex  (besides DA work obviously) 

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 The RW starter kit is one of the best deals on the Adams site imo. 


 5 DS towels

 1 16 oz rw

 1 bucket with seal lid

 1 dilution bottle with a great spray nozzle


 Anytime I want to order any DS towels I just get myself one of these kits. Love the dilution bottle for H2O GG, APC diluted and others also love the RW for all kinds of things...door jambs,under hood and so on. And who can't use an extra bucket. 


 Welcome to the forum!

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