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Post clay bar haziness



I have a CPO 2017 911 Agate grey.

When I got it from the dealership they put the PermaPlate product on it.


Yesterday was the second time I washed it.  I do two bucket, Adams shampoo with foam cannon.  I was going to GYEON cermamic coat but I have a huge paint chip on my door/rear panel that needs to be addressed.


I also used Adams clay bar and detail spray with quality microfiber towels.  It's definitely smoother but there is a haziness to it.


Prior to waxing/polishing,  should I wash again or move forward???


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First, welcome! Be sure to introduce yourself in the New Member forum...and include some pics of the new ride!


You don't need to remove clay/Detail Spray residue before polishing. You can go straight to polish which will remove it. You should, however, remove the polish residue before wax/sealant/coating. 50/50 isopropyl alcohol or Coating Prep with quality MF towels are a couple options.

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