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New member here.  Added a new stablemate which has been CQuartz Professional coated and I am getting back into car care.  I used to sample many different products from typical retailers.  For years, I have watched and read about Adam's products so here I am.


I picked up the Essentials Kit so I am off to the races.  I will search and see which products I should use, but if anyone has any product recommendations in terms of ceramic coated care that would be extremely helpful.  Aside from the products in the kit, I also have a bottle of CarPro Reload to add to my arsenal.


When the weather warms up, I plan on seeing what I can do with my 200K mile daily that has been street parked for 6 years in NYC.


One quick question I do have for you all is can I use H2o Guard & Gloss on my glass to create a hydrophobic layer?  



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