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Detail Spray Separating



You guys ever had this?  Just noticed it today for the first time.  My flavored detail spray is separating like G&G or Boost or some of the other products do after sitting for a while.  AND, it's only my flavored detail sprays doing this.  The normal detail spray doesn't do it.  I have cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and cars & coffee (have chocolate mint too, but can't see in the bottle on that one).  All three are separating with sediments settling to the bottom of the bottle.  Not a huge deal at all, just had never noticed it before.  A good shake and agitation and it was back to normal.  Not expecting any problems at all, just thought I'd ask.  The run of mill, normal detail spray was NOT separating sitting under the same conditions as all my others.  Just conversation! Thoughts?

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I've had it happen with normal DS, too, and that was the carnuba. Wouldn't be surprised if the flavored ones are a combo of the carnuba and flavor/scent additives. As you've said, good shake and back to normal.


BTW, the new HGG doesn't separate near as much, if at all, like the old formula.

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