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Water Spot Removal

Bruce Wesley

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I have an admiral blue (dark blue) Corvette GS that sat outside at dealership for over a year. I worked at getting some light scratches out with some lighter waxes and a buffer, however under LED garage lighting it has water spots over the entire car.


What polish should I use?

What should I finish it with, etc.


I do have various Griot's pads and just received a mystery trunk bag withg a few different Adam's pads.




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You can try a fine polish. You want to go least to most aggressive. Do a test spot and see how it looks. 


One word on water spots though...polish them. Then put the car in the sun for a few hours and see if they come back. Continue to do this until they’re gone. It’s essentially a heat cycle to bring them back out if they’re still there. Once they’re gone after a heat cycle, layer your protection products on. 

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Great advice above, @shane@detailedreflections has some great experience with water spots, certainly the advice I would follow. 


In the Adams line I would follow this route 


Fine Clay



Finishing Polish

One Step

Clay Mitt

Correcting Polish

Heavy Correcting (I might not try this one but its an option) 


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