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New Year's Sale!!! 20% off Chemicals & Towels

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Got my order today and love the shirts!  


I got 3 different shirts, images attached of the 3 designs, a cars and coffee detail spray and a mystery detail spray.  My son and I love the mystery spray, he says it’s like kool aid.  I think I was expecting more coffee scent in the C&C, it just smells like sweet chocolate to me and my son and wife smell more hot chocolate.  Nonetheless, I buy these to use and not collect so the scents will be enjoyed while using them.


Thanks Adams for more great fun products!  Before the sale ended yesterday, later than it was supposed to, I ended up grabbing a ceramic boost and wheel cleaner as I’m almost out.  I started using griots products nearly 19 years ago, eventually switched to Zaino and then to OPT (optimum polymer technology) products.  I used OPT stuff for many years now but I must say, I’m liking the quality and uniqueness of your products as well as the amazing gloss your detail spray adds.  I thought OPT quick Detailer would be tough to beat but you guys succeeded in my book.




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