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Hello everyone, I would like your best suggestions to keep my car in top shape here in So. Fla. I just got a new Bette and want to keep it looking great. Any tips would be appreciated and I’ll search the video library for what goes with what and try to build a super glossy finish. Looking forward to posting and contributing.

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Welcome Carlos, and congrats on the new Vette!   The simplest option for keeping it protected is to apply Paint Sealant twice a year.  You can top that with a wax, H20 Guard  & Gloss, or other 'booster' products.  

The "shine/gloss" comes from paint that has no (or few) imperfections, and can be enhanced a little with Brilliant Gloss and wax/boosters.


FYI Adam's will be at the Palm Beach Cars and Coffee this weekend 

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Welcome to the forum Carlos!  I'm guessing you mean Vette and not Bette.:lolsmack:


Adam's works amazing on Vettes. Be sure to keep that interior protected with the Leather Conditioner. Use it on the dash, seats, steering wheel, doors, etc. Has a great SPF to prevent fading.  And we like pics here. :welcomebanner:

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