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New lugnut brush

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I've always thought the lug nut brush wasnt adequate enough and never really cleans caked on road grime very well.  Its more of a thick paint brush IMO.  It doesnt really clean the barrels of the lug nut holes and on splined lug nuts, doesnt clean the cervices.  I just had an idea about making a hollow/concave brush of some kind that will be thin enough to fit between the lug nut barrel and the lug nut.  Something with soft bristles obviously.  

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I was surprised to see the bristles fall out of my new Adam's lug nut brush, with only light-duty use a few times and stored to dry properly.  Went back to using a good ol' wood handled parts cleaner brush with electrical tape wrapping the metal sheath.

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I had the same issue with the bristle type brush.  Not enough stiffness to get tar or sticky stuff out.  However it did get into the small clearance lug wells of my wife’s Merc.  I got a generic 3-loop lug brush that cleaned great but only fit the lug wells of my pickup.  I know, first-world problem.

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