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Cleaned wheels/tires for the first time today



As I never properly cared for my car till recently, this was the first proper wash on wheel/tires. 


Products used:

Heavy duty nitrile gloves




Tire Brush

Red Wheel Mitt 

VRT Applicator block


I couldn’t clean deeper in but I’m pretty satisfied with the results. Doing all 4 tires took me one hour. Picture #1 shows condition before cleaning. Using ECO APC I had to spray, scrub and rinse 3 times on each tire to get white foams, which was expected. The Picture #2 was from 2nd scrub, first was nastier. As you can see, I got the foam on the wheels too, I wasn’t too careful but wasn’t seeing any damage on wheels from using Tire Brush. I got tempted to just start scrubbing the whole wheel with the Tire Brush but I wanted to try the Red Wheel Mitt because I have big hands it fit quite well. Wheel mitt made cleaning the wheels, fast, like the Clay mitt doing decon. 

I did use a bucket but I don’t think I needed it, I found it easier to just rinse the Tire Brush or Wheel Mitt off using the hose. 

Oddly the sprayer I put on my WC seemed defective. Both spray options on it was “shoot” without “spray” dunno if WC just doesn’t spray so I’ll be trying a different sprayer next time. But since I could only “shoot” I used more product but it probably helped get more crap off 😆 

Since I had gloves on under the mitt I just started rubbing my hands all over the wheels after spraying WC then rinsed it clean. Used mitt “fingers” for wheel lugs, worked quite well. 

Finally after all wheels and tires got cleaned I applied VRT using the applicator block, one side on all 4 tires. I applied it when tires were WET because I was running out of time, had to get ready for work. Because I was worried about sling I flipped the applicator block over and lightly scrubbed all 4 tires. 

VRT sat for about 30 mins outside then I drove to work. No sling whatsoever, tires still look clean like I just applied VRT

ECO APC works so well on so many things I love it. A gallon of it would be in the cart for next time. But I’ll give TRC a shot later to compare it and see if it’s worth justifying a separate product for tires when ECO APC does the job. 




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