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Golf: Chasing the little white ball


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I know there are a few golf enthusiasts on this site.  Feel free to contribute to this thread for general golf chat, share accomplishments, stories or the like.  As someone else said, it might die with this post, or might survive a while— time will tell!


Who who here has had a hole in one? (I have been close!) What is your favorite course in the state you live, and favorite out of state course (that you may have played on a vacation or other trip?) 


The Waste Management Phoenix Open is the first PGA event of the year that I tune in to. Who else will be watching? 



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When we went to Florida for Christmas, my dad, brother, and I took my grandpa golfing for his birthday. We went to Eastwood Golf Course in Ft Myers. It was the first time that I had played golf and I think I've caught the bug. I've been to Golf Galaxy a few times to check out prices and crush a few balls. I'm hoping I can buy the extra bag that he let me use while we were down there so I have a solid start. Then when everything melts in Indiana, I hope to play some rounds and see if I can get any better. 


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Not a golfer here.  Tried it a few times, but wasn't my "bag".  But I will sit and watch it on TV. We have a large amateur tournament in my town every  year that some pretty famous golfers have played in (Tiger Woods played it twice, and Ben Crenshaw to name two) called the Sunnehanna Amateur.   Good sport. 

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I may have played the game one or twice.  My favorite course is Pinehurst, I still keep trying to get on Augusta National that is mere 58 miles down the road from me.  Myrtle Beach is close enough and the World of Golf is a real fun course and it has a few challenges to go with it.  The replica of Amen Corner will get your attention and the treatment at the club is beyond exceptional.  I plan on taking the son-in-laws this spring, before the the tourist season, for a long weekend at one of the villa's.


When I'm home, I play Hidden Valley and when I'm in Florida, I play Ridge Manor or Hernando Oaks the majority of the time.  For the members on this forum that have gotten to know me can probably guess which bag is mine, the other two belong to my son-in-laws.  Playing golf was a condition of marriage, gotta have some priorities in life.  While many people worry too much about their score, I worry about having a good, relaxing time on the course.  I usually stay in the mid to upper 80's and I have my days in the 90's.  My best score ever has been as 79, I have had many Eagles, usually followed by a bogey or double.  What really gets me is those short par 5's that most people get in 2 or 3 - seriously, I had a round on a course with 4 Par 3's and I got a 5 on every one of them.


I can still hit the driver 300 yards at 56 years old, what really sucks is that my eye sight isn't nearly as good so I can't see how far in woods it went, so I learned to back down and hit it 250 in the fairway.  However, when you get that long drive and it is straight down the fairway, there is no doubt you are coming back for another round.  I also carry a one iron in my bag, other than John Daly and God, nobody can hit a one iron.  I am not either, but I have found that when you are under a tree, a one iron with a strong putting stroke will get you back in the fairway - go ahead, ask me how I know through experience.


As for a hole in one, never had one, but have been close more than once.  I have hit the slick more than once and even left one about 2 inches away which I consider to be very good given how much the Par 3's hate me.   If someone asked if which I would give up, either golf or detailing cars - all I have to do is show them the second picture and the question is answered, who needs a car if you have a golf cart?


Since this is a detailing forum and this is a discussion about Golf, let's see those detailed golf carts.


Club Car 4.jpeg

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Great idea for a thread! Honestly surprised it hasn't come up until now.

I've been playing golf since I was 4, only slowed down a few years ago when I hurt my back. I really need to get back into playing more.  I'm lucky enough to have grown up with a dad that plays every week and a great uncle who is still a Southern Ohio Senior Pro.

Played 3-4 times a week through middle school and high school. I was also a caddy for 5 years at Clovernook Country Club in Cincinnati. Had a hole in one my freshman year, hole #11 147 yds at Clovernook. 

Favorite course in Ohio I've played is probably Maketewah Country Club. Out of state is Nags Head Golf Links in the Outer Banks mostly for good memories of playing with my dad on vacation every year. Always looked forward to that when I was younger. 

One of my goals for 2019 is definitely to get out and play more especially with my dad and great uncle....he's 74 and still shoots his age. Lots of good memories caddying for him and several other local pro's.


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My clubs of choice are a pair of used Ping Eye golf clubs that I bought from someone trying to pawn them. 😝 I do need a new putter so if I can get a Scotty Cameron putter on a deal I’ll splurge for one lol...


About 20 years ago I wanted to learn to play golf, at the time I had a friends brother that wanted to learn a second language. So we helped each other out because he knew I was tri-lingual and he was a great golfer we basically taught each other. It was the best summer I had because the kids mom had a membership to a golf club and she paid for all the rounds of golf because he need to practice for the high school golf team. Long story short he is now fluent in speaking Spanish and his blond hair and blue eyes always would work to out advantage because we would dine in restaurants and usually the waitresses would come the food because of his ability to speak Spaish. 


Back to golf, I find it boring to watch it on tv but I enjoy playing the game. My favorite course that I played was in La Quinta and in at the Indian Wells country club both located in California. I won a golfing bet against a good friend that grew up playinggolf since he was a young lad and he only golfed at the Santa Ana Country Club which is a very posh club until I got there. 


Ive never had a hole in one I was robbed of one once, the ball rolled very close to the cup but because someone had damaged the green the ball stopped short of the cup within the lip of the cup.


i golf weekly for fun and there is a course close to my house. It’s very hilly so I usually have to cart the course.



the best golf game I had played in was for my good friends brothers birthday, they destroyed two of the golf carts in a freak accident, one rolled down the embankment and the other one slammed into a tunnel. Those were costly mistakes lol.


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