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Layering Combos



So, for this recipe, I have a trim restore kit, clay bar, iron remover, tire shine, VRT, buttery wax, spray wax, detail spray, and the hybrid h2o gloss and guard. 🧐

I have yet to use any buttery wax, h2o g&g, spray wax, or iron remover (I've used the clay bar with the detail spray once in the past).


I need to do the trim restore ASAP, I'm just waiting for the weather to clear up. 


I figured after a wash, I might hit the car with some clay and iron remover, but after that Im not sure what would be best. I know it will continue to be rainy and windy, with temperatures all over the place. (I've used the clay bar only once, on the windshield and front of the car, how often should I replace it?)


Next, I'll use the trim restore kit. How long should I let it 'cure' before applying some VRT?


Following that, I'll either hit it with the h2o guard & gloss, or possibly detail spray because it won't be that wet anymore.

What should I do here? Re-wet the car and get some g&g on the paint? Should I skip the detail spray if I'm going to use buttery?


Is buttery a thing of the past? Or should it be reserved for better weather/detailing conditions? (I can't garage my car) 


Next, I'm wondering what I can layer on top. Can I put buttery wax on top of the g&g? And can I use detail spray to touch that up a few times after this? Or should I go straight to the buttery wax and detail spray? Then wait for my next wash to start using use the g&g?  In NM the sun can be the biggest issue when washing outside, even if it's not warm outside, you can get really hard water to dry and spot in less than 10 minutes. 


Lastly, can I use VRT on top of tire shine? Should I do tire shine on top of VRT so I have a semi-sealed tire that I can add or reduce the shine of? There is still a bunch of road salt/clay on the sides of the roads here, and there's always dust and dirt, I don't want that to stick to the tires like duct tape. 


If you can give me an answer to part of this, that would be much appreciated. If you have a perfect recipe for this madness, I'll love your forever. 


Sorry for all the questions, 


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Weird that your post has not been seen yet.


have no experience with Buttery wax, but H2O GG is great after a few washes to apply.


Here is what is layered;

Paint Sealant>Brilliant Glaze>Americana>Spray Wax


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Buttery Wax is fine, use the Guard n Gloss after you wash it next time, then put it on again after every 3 or so washes.  Not under the Buttery. VRT or Tire Shine, but no need for both. Figure out which one you like best and go with it. 

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