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Getting Over Clear Coat Bubble


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Need some of yalls assistance in this one, and prepare for a somewhat weird post. I'm one who is very OCD about paint and I take pride in keeping my paint swirl free and shiny. I have come to peace with rock chips (I used to be super OCD about those too) but I recently got hit with a rock in a way that instead of chipping the paint (something that's normal and not super noticeable) it lifted the clear coat and caused a bubble, which might be fixable with wet sanding but most likely needs to be recleared. For this reason, its annoying the hell out of me because as a poor college student, I cant justify the money for repainting my hood because of a rock. The first pic is this bubble. The second pic is what my paint looks like. The bubble is slowly killing me inside 😂. Any help with getting over this is greatly appreciated!



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Can you catch an edge of it with your finger nail? If so, it'll need wet sanded and then perhaps resprayed. All depends on if it's a deep scuff, or a lifted chip. If you can't catch it with a finger nail, machine polishing may remove it, or minimize it to the point it's livable for you.


When we drive our pride and joy's damage happens. I'll be getting my GTO's entire front clip Clear Bra'd this spring after a defect on the hood happened last summer; resprayed in the fall, and thoroughly machine polished throughout this winter. But, with the limited funds you mention you may not have that option.

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I would just drive the car. Don’t chase perfection...it’s a fruitless exercise. When I picked up my wife’s AMG, it went right to my detailer for a CQuartz Pro coating. First road trip out, I went to wash it and there was a rock chip on the front bumper. At the end of the day, they’re drivers. Things happen and nobody will notice it but you. 

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