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Just thought id share my story


I just wanna say im a long time customer of Adams products and they have always treated me with excellent customer service, but this weekend was by far the best i have ever had. i had purchased a Rupes polisher kit in 06/2016. it was a decent sized kit etc, have been using the polisher with other brand pads i have accumulated over the years with no issues. This past weekend i finally went to use the 2 Adams pads that i got in the kit  (orange & white) well when i put them on the polisher i noticed they were way to big, long story short Adams had sent me 6.5in pads by accident instead of the smaller 5.5 for the Rupes which happens no big deal. I ended up giving them a call and talked to Colton who was very supportive and looked up all info and order etc. Well they ended up going above and beyond and are shipping me 2 of the correct size pads to replace the ones they shipped by accident. Adams by far has the best customer support out of any company i have ever dealt with, they always go above and beyond for their customers. Thank you Adam & Colton for always taking care of your customers! 



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