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I asked a question about the seemingly flow of new Ceramic spray products and while I did get replies I am still lost because no one was able to help and many agreed they had the same question.  Now don't get me wrong I have been an Adams user since almost his very beginning when he was in California.  That was back in the days of Revive Polish, Buttery Wax Detail Spray and All Purpose Cleaner and of course the Plush Blue microfiber towels.

So here is my dilemma, I have always been a wash, clay, polish and wax type of guy.  When the ceramic craze started I looked at it as a lazy mans why to keep his ride looking good, so I stuck with my tries and true method.  Then I happened to noticed that Adam had the spray ceramic that looked like a great product for the wife's SUV, but I was not planning on doing my Corvette with it.  So I ordered the Ceramic Kit for $100 that came with the Prep, Coating and Boost.  I first tried it on my son's (Adam user also) brand new Silverado Z71 4x4.  I was really impressed and then I found the time to do the complete strip wash, clay, one step polish and then the prep, and finished with the spray coating.

Next because I was so impressed I decided in the nest few weeks I will do my car, so I decided to order some of the maintenance products which I did.  Two bottles of the Wash & Coat, 64 oz. bottle of the Ceramic Waterless, and a bottle of Boost.

After buying all this, I happen to see on a Facebook post from Adams the new CS3, so I went to the site to see just exactly what it was only to find out he now offers a new Spray Ceramic Coating also.

Now here is my real question.   I have the original Ceramic Spray Coating, the UV Ceramic Spray Coating and now with this new Ceramic Spray Coating I am trying to find out what are the differences, should I stop using the original and forgo the UV and jump to the new Spray coating.  Or can I simply continue to use the original until it is used up and then use the UV and final switch over to the new spray coating?  I final figured out that the CS3 is not something that is required fir my cars as I have the Ceramic Waterless and the boost., it is just the three different ceramic spray products that I am trying yo get straight.  Finally with the UV is the UV light required, as I did not order one.

Sorry for being so long winded

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Bottom line, the "new" Ceramic Spray Coating just posted this week is the same as the UV formula, only without UV. 


The UV light isn't required unless you want to take advantage of the UV additive as intended, as an application aid. It's not needed to cure, dry or apply the coating itself. It's simply there to help.

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I have a couple of vehicles worth of the original Spray Coating and then an unopened bottle of UV.  I'll use the original on the next two cars that I do, but will go with the UV if it is a truck with a tonneau cover or a convertible.  I had problems seeing the coating on the on the tonneau cover and convertible top and am hoping that the UV light will help me make sure that I hit everything. 


As for what comes after that, it will probably be June or July and by then we should know how the products are working on different vehicles and situations and I can order according to the needs the usage points.

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