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Ceramic coating



Hey everyone I’m wondering on a product that I got a hold of and want to try but I cannot find any information on and I have tried to email the company and they have not sent thing. Yes I know it’s not Adams products and I love Adams products but it is nano skin T3 ultra pro ceramic coating. I am just wondering if Anyone out there know that I can layer it more than just once or I have to wait a hour after putting it on to put the second or third coat.  Thank you

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Hi there, unfortunately I don't have any experience with that particular product. As a reminder, this forum is primarily for Adam's Polishes products, so we try to limit discussion of other brands here. I would recommend to send a followup email to them, and to search to see if maybe they have any type of groups for their products on social media like facebook.

I cannot speak for their products directly; however, most ceramic coatings can be layered, but you may not be receiving much more protection with additional layers. With our coatings, we recommend doing no more than two layers, with about 1-2 hours of cure time in between the first and second layer, then allow it to have the full 24-hour cure time indoors after the second layer.

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