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Adams Red Foam Wax & Sealant Pad vs. Chemicals Guys



Hi guys,

I got a Chemical Guys Torx polisher for Christmas, and I'd like to get pads for it to apply glaze/sealant/wax.


Both Adam's and CG offer these pads, but I'm curious if you guys feel they can be used interchangeably? I currently have all Adam's Polishes products as far as glazes, sealants and waxes. Does anyone know if I'd be fine using Adam's products on a Chemical Guys pad, or vice versa? I'd like to use the CG pads, but I have a ton of Adam's products that I'd like to use, so what is my best way forward?

Would an Adam's pad attach to the Torx polisher just the same? Maybe I could just use the Adam's pads on the Torx polisher? If they both fit, realistically, can I expect much difference in how the two pads perform?




Moderator Edit: Per Group Rules, no direct-linking of competitor products. Thank you for understanding.

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Hi Mike, you should be able to use pads interchangeably, but keep in mind that competitor color schemes for pads may not match the color-coded pads that we offer for our products. If your polisher has a 5" backing plate, our 5.5" pads would be compatible with it, whereas if it has a 6" backing plate, our 6.5" pads would be the pads that you could use for it. Our pads use a hook-and-loop Velcro system, so the backing plate is the hook-and-loop portion, and then the felt Velcro on the pad attaches to that. 

Most pads perform from different brands perform well, but we specifically design ours to work optimally with our compounds, polishes, etc. For instance, our new Blue Foam Pads have a different cell structure to the foam that allows the blue Compound to distribute more evenly across the pad, and the foam does not squish down as much as our older Orange Foam Pads once there is a little warmth in the pad from Compounding. The hole in the center of our pads also helps to keep temperatures down while allowing you to align it perfectly centered on our backing plates. 


I hope that clears things up!

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