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Interior Detail (is this right?)

SS LeadFoot


So I started my interior detail. Today I used the all purpose interior foaming gel with the interior brush and it looks great! Highly recommend getting both brushes. I used only the little one and my fingers started to cram lol. Next I am going to use the interior detail with microban. After that the leather conditioner. Is this the right process? 

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I'll not use the Interior Detailer for a week or more after the application of Leather Conditioner, Leather & Interior Dressing, or Interior Protection Paste. The Interior Detailer has some mild cleaners in it that will work on removing your Conditioner, Dressing, or Paste. If you're wanting the protection of the Interior Detailer's Microban, use it in place of the others. Interior Detailer also has some mild conditioners in it that will leave a nice satin sheen.


I just took care of the wife's daily two weekends ago and finished the hard surfaces down with just the Interior Detailer.




For her car I plan to save my Conditioner and Dressing until this pandemic ends. She's still working as a bank teller, and close to other people.

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