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Old crusty road tar removal


I have old dried on road tar on my Challenger (used car, came with it installed). I have some of the Adam's Tar and it is my first choice, but much of the tar is on the lower textured plastic on the car and the instructions don't mention Tar's use on that  type of surface. Does anyone have experience with Adam's Tar on exterior plastic or is that a bad idea? Hoping to work on it tomorrow so I can get the factory splash guards installed before we get ack into rain up here. Thanks for any help/ideas anyone has.

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Our TAR will be fine on the plastics, you may have to use a plastic razor blade to get the tar completely removed.

Follow these instructions.


Adam’s TAR is a carefully crafted, unique blend of powerful solvents, natural citrus oils, and alcohols that have been found to be ridiculously effective on even baked-on contaminants that other all-purpose cleaners can’t seem to budge. Despite this high solvency, Adam’s TAR is formulated to be dependable on surfaces without dulling or damaging the finish.  

Instructions for General Use:

  1. Rinse the soiled area with water to cool down the surface and remove light dirt and contaminants.
  2. Spray Adam’s TAR onto the soiled area, doing small areas at a time.
  3. Allow Adam’s TAR to dwell and penetrate for 30-60 seconds.
  4. Thoroughly wipe off the product and soil.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any excess materials.
  6. Buff to a high shine with a quality microfiber towel.

*Adam’s TAR is not to be used on a hot surface and works best when the area is pre-moistened with water. Do not allow Adam’s TAR to completely dry. Do not allow Adam’s TAR to dwell for more than one minute as the powerful active solvency may damage surfaces if forgotten.   

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This has been my project truck for the last 12-13 months.  2001 Silverado,  came completely trashed, in fact i still cant get rid of the odor on the inside.  Anyways, I’ve been posting pics here and there of little things I’ve been doing...couple weeks ago, after not being able to get this thick, caked on green paint off, I thought to try TAR for the first time...also used with some clay and it made quick work of it.


Im pretty sure I had tried everything prior to TAR.  The stuff just never budged!




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Ok, Adam's Tar is amazing! The tar on the rockers just melted off,  wiped off the paint with barely any work. I did resort to a medium soft brush to agitate the product on the plastic areas in the thickest parts. As far as I can see all of it came off, may look at doing another round if I spot more in the plastic.






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All in all it took around 2 hours. I haven't polished the paint yet, so I used Scotts shop towels to clean off the tar.


I had tried a different product once before and after 20mins on the one of the sections behind the rear tire with almost no change. This stuff was like magic, spray it on, let it sit a 1 min, wipe and all but the thickest parts were gone.


Another amazing product!

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