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You can probably relate. Seems like just about every car I clean has at least one random french fry hanging around. Usually under the seat, it (they?!) could be in some random other spot in the car, too. 


So here's a place to celebrate that hard as a rock, somehow still looking edible piece of culture.


Anytime you come across one, take post a picture here...I'll start! Taken yesterday, found in an F150 under the driver seat.



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Haha, thats funny,  you’ll never find one in mine, I promise you that.





back in the day, I made a food run to Wendy’s  for the guys at the firehouse,  one guy was missing a burger.  A couple months later, guess where i found it!  Under the driver seat,  guess it fell out and slid, didn’t leave a stench somehow 🤷‍♂️

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