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Bucket Wash/Boost Comments!


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I have friends and acquaintances that constantly profess their specialty car will never see water. They do waterless/rinseless washes only. Why?  I shall never know. If you drive your car, nothing, and I do mean nothing, beats a good soapy bath. I’m a huge fan of rinseless washing and do them all the time, but when the time calls for it, you can’t beat a good bucket wash. Sorry.  If you drive your car, it will get grime and debris in the nooks and crannies, and the pours of the paint that nothing else will quite get clean like soap and water.  I have always wished I was a better photographer so that I could capture how this looks to the naked eye.  These pics don’t help. 

Boosted it today too, but it was a little too hot.  CS3 might just be THE perfect product.  I used it to level the boost in a few streaky spots. Not a complaint against Boost; it was just toooo dang hot today.  I don’t think it’s possible to make CS3 streak or leave high spots.  

I will also NOT be removing (non-ceramic) WW from my arsenal any time soon. WW replaced my glass cleaner a loonnnggg time ago. Today, I thought about using CWW on the glass to remove and level the Boost overspray on the glass. Nope, bad idea.  Streak City baby. Went back around with plain WW...perfect! 

anywho...just my thoughts for the day. Stay safe in this heat. 






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Now there is a great looking ride and its great looking home, the hell with photographer not being able to take a photo. It all comes through loud and clear here.😃

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