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UV Ceramic Spray Coating

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Firs I just want to say I am a long time Adam's user.  I remember when his product line was Detail Spray, Swirl & Haze Remover, Buttery Wax Undercarriage Spray and a few different types of Micro Fiber towels.  I also was always a polish and wax type of detailer.  Old school I guess.  Well about a year ago I decide to try the Ceramic Spray coating because I knew I could remove it a lot easier then the full 3-5 year coating.  I will admit I was a little skeptical but went for it any way.  Now this was Adam's first Ceramic Spray coating that came in the kit of Surface Prep, Ceramic Coating and Boost.  It was shortly after that the UV version was released.    Well that application is almost a year old so I decide to strip it off and apply a new coat using the UV spray.  Well I believe they said it was the say as the original except for the UV feature.  If it I may have not done some thing correct the first time because this seem so much better.  

First off the car spend a lot of time in the garage cover and especially now with COVID it seems to see even more down time.  So the car was clean under the cover, but I decided to clay bar the surface first, then I used the One Step polish and One step pad.  I did about half the car the first day stating with the hood.  Later that night I went out to the garage and noticed the the hood seemed clouded it wiped right off and had the shine that was there earlier.  The next day I went out hoping to finish and apply the ceramic coating, but the hood was all hazed up again.  It still wiped off, but I was concerned if I applied the ceramic would it haze up under the ceramic.  I decided to seek some help on the forum.  I waited a hour to see if I would get any advice, but finally decided to try the standard white polish and white pad.  That did the trick and the hazing issue was gone.  Turns out falcaineer replied and suggested the White pad and polish. 

So after completing the full polish/paint correct I was ready to start the ceramic coating process.  I wiped the car down completely with the Surface Prep,  Then I started with the hood applying the UV Ceramic Spray Coating half the hood waiting the 1-2 minutes before removing.  Followed this procedure for the entire car.  This was Wednesday so I knew I need to let it cure before adding the boost, so I let actually sit until today tp apply the boost.  I finished it around 11 am today and then backed it out to get a few pictures.  So here is the finished product:  Yes I guess I am a little anal as I also did the door jambs.









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